3 Tips for a Short-Hair Consultation



Even if a client is determined she’s ready for it, it’s up to you to figure out if he or she actually is. Ask a lot of questions and be a good listener. If you cut it off and it turns out it was not the time, you’re going to be the bad guy.


Paramount in any style but especially shorter ones is that the length must be ideal, flatter the face and accentuate the best features. Make sure you choose the right variation on short for your guest.


Although it can be time-consuming, make sure you educate your guest on the proper brush, styling tools and techniques to use with the new cut. If you don’t, the style won’t live up to expectations. Bonus points for showing multiple ways to style (i.e. curly or smoothed).

Don’t let a rainy day ruin your good air day!

  • * Always start by misting a heat-protective spray on wet hair. Not only does it stop hair from drying out over time (which makes it much more frizz-prone), it helps create a barrier against environmental moisture.
  • * Add a little anti-frizz product. Just keep the application light, and if you can, skip the holding products (like mousse, styling cream).
  • * Blow your hair bone dry. Absolutely no moisture should be left in the hair when you’re trying to maintain a blowout in humid air.
  • * Let your hair cool completely before stepping out into the elements (or finish your styling by using your dryer’s cold setting). This’ll ensure that your cuticle lays flat so water vapor can’t sneak its way in.
  • * Resist running your hands through your hair. People always think the oils from their fingers helped smooth frizz, but the whole issue with palm heat and sweat is, it all goes back to avoiding letting moisture in the hair shaft.


Top 5 hair myths


1. Cutting your hair makes it stronger or grow faster.

Bull winkle. Its hair, not a lawn. Exactly where this myth started is unknown, but is probably related to the observation of men’s facial hair. There are different kinds of hair on your face and head. Hair on your head and facial hair have different properties. Cutting your hair will only make it shorter and hairs grows almost exactly half an inch per month, no matter what you do or take.

2. Split ends can be repaired.

Sorry Charlie, not true. Split ends cannot be repaired and should be cut off immediately or they will split yet higher and do yet more damage.

3. Brushing your hair is good for it.

To the contrary, brushing your hair is very bad for your hair and the leading contributor to split ends and hair breakage. By all means groom your hair, but once it is in place, STOP.

4. Tight hats cause baldness.

This one probably started in the military where young men entering the service were required to wear hats and soon showed signs of going bald, or at least of hair thinning. This is due to coincidental timing. The age that young men enter the military is also the same age that male pattern hair loss begins. This is due to dehydrocorticosterone, not hats. Hats do cause hair breakage and to a lessor degree to split ends.

5. Hair can turn gray or white over night.

What utter nonsense. This one was born in literature. What part of “fiction” did they not understand? Hair receives its color genetically and can only turn gray or white over very long periods of time. Actually the hair doesn’t turn white in as much as the hair loses color, but not over night, or even a wild weekend.